Chemical Reagents

MINAKEM and affiliates are approved and monitored by all competent public bodies to handle the following reagents at pilot and/or industrial scale:

Br2 Bromine
Cl2 Chlorine
BuLi Buthyl lithium
CH3X Alkyles derivates
ClSO3H Chlorosulfonic acid
HNO3 Nitric acid
NaBH4 Sodium Hydroborure
LDA  Lithium diIsopropylamide
Zn(Et)2  Diethyl Zinc
RMgX  Magnesium Derivates
NH2-NH2 Hydrazin
POCl3 Oxychlorure de phosphore
NaCN; KCN Cyanides
COCl2 Phosgene
(CH3)2SO4 Dimethyl Sullfate
H2 Hydrogen
ROOR' Peroxides