Safety and Environmental Policy


  • Within all its site, Minakem has implemented a state-of-the-art Safety Management System and enforced high quality Environment protection. These efforts in safety, hygiene and environment protection have qualified Minakem’s factory as SEVESO-2 approved industrial site.
  • Minakem has a state-of-the-art waste water collection and treatment system and a dedicated unit for distilling and recycling solvents in accordance with cGMP procedures. This environmentally-compliant treating and storage area provides for all kinds of solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals. The wastewater treatment facility uses a membrane bio-reactor system, with ultra-filtration through ceramic membranes and distillation.   
  • Minakem is continuously improving processes to reduce the carbon foot and reduce volumes and waste as a good steward of the environment.

Safety is paramount

"Training and Prevention is the cornerstone in our risk-management approach"
Jean-Francois Valemberg , HSER Manager

  • As a leading fine chemicals European manufacturer and responsible company, MINAKEM's management makes sure that such values are shared by all our employees, and a general policy is enforced on our sites. The Group's SHE policy is integrated in rationale processes with a continuous performance improvement and monitoring of indicators by a management committee. As part of its waste-control management systems, MINAKEM systematically proceeds with an impact assessment for all products as regards safety, health and environmental issues.
  • MINAKEM is actively participating and following-up on the evolutions of European standards. Such changes are implemented by our internal experts in relation with national and European agencies. Training and Prevention are the cornerstone in our risk-management approach.
  • Every new process developed by MINAKEM or transferred to our facilities is subject to a full risk evaluation (stability, thermal degradation studies, process safety¡­) within our RC1 Laboratory. This process is driven by the technical project management teams with the expertise of our Hazardous Process Prevention laboratory.

*Beuvry and Dunkirk is subject are SEVESO II (French) Approved sites

Support Local Communities

  • Our recruitment programs make local employment a priority in an area subject to high unemployment levels.
  • We train job applicants with required potential but low scholar qualification levels for positions within the organization. We have on-going relations with both schools, universities and local administration to achieve this goal.
  • We have regular meetings with local authorities, we communicate with local associations and neighbours to keep them informed of our activities, developments and all related safety measures enforced on site.