Employee Spotlight

Dr. Thierry Berranger
Senior R&D Manager

Dr. David Aycock
Senior Principal Scientist

Optimizing processes becomes so routine for the group, that Minafin's Chairman, Frederic Gauchet, decided to establish the "Excellence in Chemistry" award  to formally recognize this effort. "Optimizing the process is a win-win for everyone" as he said in his opening remarks. This year, at a recent gathering of the group's management in Aubry-du-Hainaut, France, the winners were announced.

Dr. Thierry Berranger, from Minakem's Beuvry site, was presented with the award from Dr. Patrice Demonchaux, Scientific Director of Minakem. Thierry's groundbreaking work on a commercialized cyclic alkane made the process not only more economical, but the optimized process generates less waste, fewer stages and a higher quality profile.

Dr. Dave Aycock, from Pennakem's Memphis Tennessee site, was presented with the award from Dr. Shri Hedge, Pennakem's Director of R&D. Dave's work was specific to hot-tubes that again provided an economical advantage with better profile than the previous manufacturing process. This also has a commercial application  that is beneficial for all those involved.

Congratulations to Thierry, Dave, and all the scientists for their great work !