Minakem Building2009 : Minafin acquires  AstraZeneca's state-of-the-art API site in Dunkirk,  France.  Integrating this into Minakem expands reactor capacity by 150m3.    It also adds steroid manufacturing,  micronization and injectabe capabilities to its growing technology base.

2006 : Minafin acquires Chemtec Leuna from Schenectady International,  almost doubling the group’s capacity.   Technologies include various hazardous processes such as Hydrazine, Acetylene, Nitration, Continuous Hydrogenation, and protecting groups to name a few.  

2005 : Minafin acquired all the assets related to the custom synthesis, including the R&D laboratories, pilot plant and manufacturing resources from SEAC.

Operating under the name of Minakem SAS, headquarters were relocated to Beuvry la Forêt.

Minakem establishes Minakem, L.L.C in the United States (New Jersey). This new affiliate manages the groups North-American business and the groups development within this market.

1962 : SEAC moves its industrial operations to its current location, Beuvry la Foret, near Lille in the north of France.

1952 : Company’s foundation by Mr. Claude Dufour in the western suburb of Paris (Boulogne under the name of "Laboratoires du Bois de Boulogne" and renamed the company SEAC.